Sale Type
Substitute Trustee’s Sale
Sale Date
December 8, 2021
Sale Time
11:00 AM
Property Address
7230 Lee Deforest Drive, Gateway Centre Units 200 and 204, Columbia, MD 21046
Auction Location

Sale to be held on the premises at 7230 Lee Deforest Drive, Columbia, Maryland 21046

No Buyer's Premium!

Located in the highly desirable Gateway Centre complex.

Unit 200 is believed to be 24,405 sq. ft. in total size, including 20,148 +/- of usable sq. ft.  Unit 200 has two balconies and is believed to have a high-end office finish.

Unit 204 is believed to be 1,785 sq. ft. in total size, including 1,434 +/- of useable sq. ft and outfitted as a multi-media recording and video production suite with acoustical doors, perimeter walls, sound control ductwork and sound attenuated observation windows.   

Sale Terms

A deposit in the following amounts payable in cash, certified check or other form acceptable to the Trustee, will be required of the purchaser of the Property or the applicable Unit at the time and place of the auction. 


Unit 200    $100,000

Unit 204    $  25,000

Property as entirety: $125,000


The successful bidder(s) shall pay to the Auctioneer such additional amount(s) needed, if any, to increase the deposit(s) to ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bid(s) within two business days after the auction.  Each purchaser shall pay interest on the unpaid balance of its purchase price at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum from the date of the auction to and including the date of settlement.  The balance of the purchase price shall be due in cash or by certified check on the date of settlement.  In the event the Noteholder, or an affiliate thereof, is the successful bidder at the sale, such party or its assignee will not be required to make a deposit or pay interest on the unpaid balance of the purchase price. 

The Property will be sold in an “AS IS” condition and without any warranties or representations, either express or implied, as to the nature, condition or description of the Property or the improvement thereon including, without limitation, any discrepancy(ies) between the actual physical dimensions and the legal descriptions of the individual Unit(s).

Manner of Sale

Unit 200 and Unit 204, as described above, may each be offered for sale separately.  In addition, the Property may be offered for sale as an entirety.  An announcement will be made at the time of the auction as to how the individual Units and the Property as an entirety will be offered for sale.  Regardless of the order in which the Units and the Property as an entirety are offered for sale, any bids received will be reserved until all bids have been received and the Property will be sold in such manner as results in the highest aggregate sale price. 

Contact Information
Call Bill Hudson at (410) 803-4177 or email him using the form below.
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