If you’ve always dreamed of owning a boat, then the weekends of fishing, waterskiing, and lake cruising may be closer than you think. Attending a boat auction is a simple, easy, and affordable way to find the boat of your dreams without having the expenses of your nightmares. Instead of buying a new boat from an expensive lot, get thrifty and try local boat auctions.

Boat Auctions: What to Expect

A boat auction runs almost identically to any other type of public auction. Follow the guidelines below so your auction experience will be smooth sailing.

    Before the boat auction: Many auction sites post run lists online so you can see the boats for sale before you even leave your house. Do your homework! If any of the boats interest you, get as much information on them as you can. Come prepared with any questions you may have about the used boats for sale, and set a bidding limit for yourself before the auctioning begins.

    During the boat auction: Make sure to arrive early so you can inspect any of the sailboats for sale, yachts for sale, or other vessels that interest you. After previewing them, make sure to get a good seat where you can see the auctioneer. While you are waiting for the auction to begin, review the auction house’s bidding rules. If you did your homework and you bid wisely, you might leave the boat auction a Captain!

    After the boat auction: If you were the highest bidder, pat yourself on the back and take care of payment immediately after the powersports auction ends. If you don’t have anything you need to pay for, you can also ask the auction site about other upcoming boat auctions.

Whether you are interested in the fast and shiny speed boats or the beautiful sailboats for sale, boat auctions have something for every water enthusiast. With a little research, planning, and smart bidding, you can find the boat you’ve always wanted for less.

Boat Auction Locations

Some auction houses have events solely dedicated to boat auctions, while others have a more general powersports auction that offers boats for sale, as well as motorcycles and other power sport “toys.” The Edgewood, Maryland branch of BSC Auctions offers a powersports auction regularly. Whether you want to seriously bid or just casually peruse, you will love our selection of incredible power sports equipment at the boat auctions.