If you are talented at repairing and fixing damaged cars, don’t miss the salvage auto auction that BSC America hosts in Edgewood, Maryland. A salvage auction is the perfect way for car hobbyists and mechanics to meet their next fix-it-up project. Whether you want to return a car to its former glory or to buy a deeply-discounted car for its parts, a salvage auction is the best place to find your diamond in the rough! Contact BSC America today at 410-510-0604 to find the time of our next salvage auction in Edgewood, Maryland.

An auto salvage auction is not for everyone. At a salvage car auction the vehicles you bid on have been given a “salvage title.” This title indicates that the vehicles have been damaged or jeopardized to some degree by accidents, fires, floods, thefts, or any other mishap that could impair the car’s functionality. At a salvage vehicles auction you see everything from totaled cars (used only for parts), to nice, luxury cars with only a few light (and very fixable) problems. We only recommend buying a salvage auction car if you understand its problems and want to invest the required time and resources to fix it. Salvage auction cars are a dream project for those with a mechanic’s mind, but are oftentimes a stressor for those without one.

A Note for Salvage Novices

Since a salvage vehicles auction offers (potentially) damaged goods, you usually get to take advantage of cheap prices! However, before you hold up your bidding paddle, make sure you learn as much as you can about the vehicle of interest.

    Gather Information: Almost all of the salvage cars for auction have a readily-available vehicle history report and an explanation as to why they have been deemed “salvaged.” Take the time to thoroughly read this information. Additionally, if the auto salvage auction allows it, inspect the car yourself.

    Have a Purpose: Don’t just buy a salvage auction car because it’s a good deal; make sure to have a purpose for it. Are you planning to fix it up and sell it, drive it yourself or use it for parts? Knowing your reason for attending the salvage auto auction will help you determine what type of cars to bid on – and how much you want to bid.

    Set Your Limits: Too many people have gotten caught in a bidding war at a salvage auction and spent more than what they intended. Set a spending limit for yourself before your favorite car is on the auction block, and stick to it. Remember that spending over your limit means that you won’t be getting as good of a deal.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you are looking for your next car project, stop by BSC America’s salvage auto auction for an evening of cars, fun, and excitement. If you want to bid on a car that doesn’t need repaired, BSC America also offers GSA auctions, repossessed car auctions, and boat auctions. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming auctions!