The national leader in comprehensive asset management, sales, and auctions is BSC America. The Bel Air, Maryland location has grown to be one of the most respected and efficient marketplaces in the mid-Atlantic area. Since the beginning, BSC America has built long-standing relationships with clients, ranging from small, local dealers to large financial institutions. Experience the difference of going through an auction provider with over 60 years of experience.

PowerSports Auction

An auction developed specifically for assets such as boats, campers, ATV’s, motorcycles, airplanes, and recreational vehicles is in Bel Air, MD. Over 60 years ago, BSC America noticed a need for an auction built specifically around these kinds of assets; consequently, the PowerSports Auction of Maryland was born. In the past, sellers may have had a hard time liquidating their recreational supplies at typical auctions. The market interest was too broad, and they needed one common place for buyers and sellers with this shared interest to unite. With BSC America’s PowerSports Auction, a rich market of trading and bidding has been formed. Visit one of the Bel Air PowerSports Auctions for a boat auction, motorcycle auction, or an RV auction.

Equipment Auctions

BSC America offers a variety of heavy and specialty equipment auctions. A few items that have been sold in the past at equipment auctions include vacuums, mowers, flat decks, deck overs, tilts, dumps, car haulers, and utilities. Visit our Bel Air, salvage auction run list for an up-to-date listing of inventory.

Public Auto Auction

Buyers can take advantage of great deals on used vehicles or salvage parts at a Bel Air, Maryland public auction. Many auto auctions are only available to other dealers, but BSC America has opened a number of car auctions up to the public. Since opening up to the public, the auto auction has increased business for buyers and opportunities for sellers. BSC America also hosts GSA auctions in MD that are open to the public. The public is invited to participate in these GSA auto auctions for surplus cars, trucks, and buses, which are generally held once a month.

Dealer-Only Auctions

The Bel Air, MD auto auction holds regular salvage auctions known as the Salvage Vehicle Auction. These dealer-only auctions are a division of the Bel Air Auto Auction, which was created specifically to serve the needs of both sellers and buyers of collision damaged vehicles. Experienced dealers know that just because a vehicle has been damaged, its value is not completely lost. BSC America also hosts a number of government auctions as well.