Friday’s Lane Schedule & Times

Time Lane Sale
9:00 AM Lane 4 / Lane 66 INOP LANE Inop Lane Logo
9:00 AM Lane 9 Bargain Lane Bargain Lane Logo
10:00 AM Lane 3 Dealer Spotlight Sale Begins Spotlight Sale Lane Logo
10:15 AM Lane 2 Regular Sale Begins Tallahassee Auto Auction Weekly Sale Lane Logo
10:30 AM Lane 1 Franchise Dealership Lane Begins Franchise Dealership Lane Logo
11:30 AM Lane 1 FLEET/LEASE & REPO Lane Begins Fleet/Lease Lane Logo
Quarterly Lane 7 BSC Powersports Sale, Trucks & Equipment Franchise Dealership Lane Logo
Monthly Lane 5 Frontline Ready Sale Frontline Logo

Requirements for Frontline Ready Sale:

  • 7 Day Powertrain Guarantee
  • Model 8 Years or Newer
  • 75,000 Miles or Less
  • CLEAN AutoCheck Report

*All times are subject to change, Updated information is always posted to our Facebook Page and on Simulcast

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