The appropriate buyers and sellers fees are payable to the Auction for any transaction when contact is made on the Auction premises or as a result of negotiations or work involving Auction personnel, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is sold on the Auction block.

Any sale in which the Auctioneer does not state the selling price of the vehicle is considered “Sold Outside” or (SOS).

    1. All SOS deals must be signed by the buyer and seller. This deal is considered binding after the signature of both parties.
    2. Once an SOS deal has been paid for, the vehicle becomes ‘As Is’ property of the Buyer. These vehicles should be checked very carefully before purchasing, since they are not Arbitratable for any reason, including frame/unibody damage.

All vehicles bought or sold on the premises must be processed through the Auction office. Failure to do so will result in suspension of trading privileges at the Auction.