The Salvage Vehicle Auction is a dealer-only auto auction that is a division of Bel Air Auto Auction created specifically to serve the needs of both sellers and buyers of collision damaged vehicles with regular salvage auctions. By offering these vehicles in a facility that is dedicated exclusively for damaged vehicles, the Salvage Auction of Bel Air provides a solid trading market where buyers and sellers can be linked to one another. Contact us today at (410) 510-0604 to learn more about the benefits of our salvage auto auctions.

Making the Most of Damaged Assets

Experienced dealers know that just because a vehicle has been damaged, its value is not completely lost. Even damaged vehicles can be transported, stored, and sold for profit through our salvage auctions. At BSCAmerica, we believe damaged vehicles deserve the same treatment as every other car and truck that passes through our auction run lanes. Our clients need to maximize their return on these assets just like any other, so we work hard to add value through every step of the salvage auto auction process.

We sell over 20,000 salvage auction cars every year through dedicated areas at each BSCAmerica auction location. Dealers, rebuilders, recyclers, and exporters can purchase damaged and mechanically inoperable vehicles for resale, repair, or simply for parts.

Just like our all of our Bel Air auto auctions, every salvage auction is simulcast online, giving potential buyers the option to bid on vehicles without needing to physically attend the auction. Our advanced system also allows pre-sale vehicle searches, which drives even greater success on auction day. Contact us for more information about our salvage auto auctions, and check out our calendar & events to learn about upcoming salvage auctions.

Details Make All the Difference

Our fully paved, clean lots set the tone for a highly professional salvage vehicle auction, allowing us to command top dollar for these assets. We have custom-designed state-of-the-art systems that allow buyers anywhere to access the salvage auctions online and enable sellers to track their vehicles from pick-up through post sale reporting.

We even offer cleaning and reconditioning that can add further value to salvage auction cars. Our dedicated facilities, equipment, and systems are designed specifically for handling the resale of such vehicles. Insurance and rental car companies, fleet, lease, and dealer clients all appreciate our commitment to every phase of the salvage car auction process.

The Salvage Auction is for dealers only, but BSCAmerica does provide other auctions that are available for public participation, such as public auctions, powersports auctions, and real estate auctions (through our Atlantic Auctions). In addition to our salvage auctions, we offer weekly dealer auctions in Bel Air MD and Tallahassee, FL. Contact us today to learn more about our salvage auctions, or any of BSCAmerica’s many services. We serve Maryland, Florida, as well as the greater Atlantic area.