General Policies

Thank you for making Tallahassee Auto Auction your auction of choice. Participation at the Auction is by invitation only. Any misconduct or violation of any rule or policy will be grounds to revoke dealer’s right to participate or use the Auction’s facilities.

It shall be the responsibility of all customers to review the Auction’s rules, policies, and any revisions thereto, before doing business at the Auction.

All vehicles 10 years old or older will be sold "Miles exempt". There will be absolutely NO arbitration for miles or odometer on these vehicles.

The Auction does not guarantee information listed in Electronic Data Vehicle Histories (CarFax, AutoCheck, etc) and may not arbitrate solely on EDVH data.

This is a dealer only Auction. Retail customers are not allowed. Any dealer who brings retail buyers to this Auction may lose his/her auction privileges. Retail customers will be subject to criminal trespassing charges. Drivers are allowed on premises on sale day provided that a valid driver’s license is on file at the auction. Dealers are responsible for the action of their drivers while they are on the Auction premises.

The sales at the Auction are intended to promote fair and ethical treatment to both the Buyer and Seller. If the Auction determines that the transaction is not fair and ethical to either party, the seller or buyer agree that the Auction may cancel the sale, at management’s sole discretion.

Upon acceptance of the Auction’s identification card, the person, corporation or firm whose name is embossed on the card, agrees to pay for all purchases. The auction reserves the right to cancel the identification card at any time and to demand surrender of the same. Replacement cards are $10. Damaged cards will be replaced at no cost when returned to TAA.

Consignor and Buyer will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Auction, its agents and employees, from and against any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, causes of action, costs and expenses (including with limitation, attorney’s fees and expenses) arising out of or resulting from the purchases, transport, reconditioning repair, storage, purchase or transfer of ownership of any vehicle or from any action taken by Auction on the buyer’s behalf in order to transfer the seller’s interest in a vehicle to the buyer.

The Auction is not a party to the contract of the sale. The sale contract is between the Seller and Buyer only. All warranties are those of the seller only. The Auction makes no warranties, implied or expressed. The Auction is not responsible for and does not guarantee writing on windows, accuracy of odometer readings, odometer statements, or damage disclosure statements.

The auction reserves the right to review any audio/video documentation for verifying accuracy of the sale.

Auction is not responsible for the transfer delivery or validity of factory warranties or other warranties of third parties.

Vehicles are left on the auction premises at owner’s risk. Auction shall not be held responsible for loss or damage, even though the keys and car may be placed in the auction’s custody for services which are made available to customers on these terms. Dealer assumes all risks of loss and liability for vehicles removed from Auction premises. Auction assumes no responsibility for theft, fire, flood, weather or other acts of God.

All vehicles entered for sale will have a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate affixed to the vehicle by the manufacturer or have a state reassigned VIN plate. Management reserves the right to reject any vehicle with a missing or damaged VIN plate.