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At BSC America, auctions are the core focus. Each of our auctions specializes in its own market segment to create a vibrant trading market for buyers and sellers with any kind of asset. At BSC you will find an auction solution for every asset. Whether it is a car, truck, boat, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, bus, construction equipment, collision damaged vehicle, aircraft, real estate, factory machine, or any other asset, BSC America has the proven auction expertise that brings buyers and sellers together to produce successful market results.

BSC Auctions employ the latest technologies that blend Internet sales venues with live auction bidding. This approach clearly demonstrates that BSC Auctions understand that it is marketing that makes the difference. It is because of this marketing emphasis that BSC Auctions provide buyers and sellers with a highly spirited trading environment where such a broad range of assets of any kind can be bought and sold.

BSC Companies

Whether it is a fleet of 10,000 fleet vehicles, a 1,500 store retail chain or a skyscraper office building, BSC America is comprised of a group of companies with trusted management professionals dedicated to the sole focus of effective asset management and disposition.

Our family of companies brings the experience of banking, automotive, insurance professionals, appraisal experts and CPA’s to meet the asset management challenges of any client. As you explore each of our companies, you will soon see why we view ourselves as the total asset management resource for today’s financial and automotive industries.

Banking Services Corp serves the needs of financial institutions, commercial borrowers, and automobile dealers through creative lending and remarketing solutions, as well as through its product line, BSCAdvantage.

BSCAdvantage was developed to assist auto dealers in purchasing vehicle through BSC America affiliated and other auctions by extending flexible lines of credit to qualifying purchasers. This financing arrangement known as floorplanning, offers new and used car dealers the advantage of increased purchasing power, allowing them to expand their inventories and improve their profit performance.

BSCAdvantage has proven to be particularly advantageous for the smaller used car dealers who might find it difficult to establish such lines with larger financial institutions. By offering a service that recognizes this customer need within the auction business, BSC America has demonstrated its keen awareness of what it takes to create a selling environment that is supported by the kind of buying power that maximizes the value of any automotive asset.

Remarketing through BSC can be a smart choice if the volatility of ever-changing market conditions tests your management resources.

Through its product, Automotive Fleet Management, Inc, BSC Remarketing offers clients a complete service solution. Starting with the collection of collateral straight through to the sale of an asset, Automotive Fleet Management supports the remarketing process with advanced electronic inventory management systems.

By teaming up with BSC Remarketing, you will gain years of practical experience in the remarketing industry together with industry leading systems support to help you manage your business.

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Chesapeake Fleet Services, Inc., established in1984, is a licensed Maryland used car dealer. As a BSC America affiliated company and member of the National Association of Fleet Resale Dealers, Chesapeake Fleet Services works closely with major fleet companies, banks, and financial institutions to acquire the used cars and trucks that are offered for sale.

The used vehicle market is a complex entity – one with as many trends and fluctuations as the stock market. For a fleet manager dedicated to controlling costs and realizing the maximum value for vehicles sold, this volatility makes the job even more time-consuming and difficult .

Chesapeake Fleet Services offers clients an immediate “Buy Now” approach, providing them with a one-call service option that turns vehicles into immediate cash through a seamless process of total resale management. Services include transportation, for rapid and responsive pickup, electronic condition reports that document all exterior and mechanical conditions, and prompt payment through electronic, third party services. Chesapeake Fleet Services accepts vehicles of all kinds: from lease-end and surplus inventory to collision-damaged, mechanically inoperable, and medium or heavy-duty trucks.

Full Service Remarketing For Financial Institutions Repossessions • Reconditioning • Resale

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