At BSCAmerica, auctions are the core focus. Each of our auctions specializes in its own market segment to create a vibrant trading market for buyers and sellers with any kind of asset. At BSC you will find an auction solution for every asset. Whether it is a car, truck, boat, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, bus, construction equipment, collision damaged vehicle, aircraft, real estate, factory machine, or any other asset, BSCAmerica has the proven auction expertise that brings buyers and sellers together to produce successful market results. Our BSC companies provide the following types of auctions:

BSC Auctions employ the latest technologies that blend Internet sales venues with live auction bidding. This approach clearly demonstrates that BSC Auctions understand that it is marketing that makes the difference. It is because of this marketing emphasis that BSC Auctions provide buyers and sellers with a highly spirited trading environment where such a broad range of assets of any kind can be bought and sold.