Buyer Responsibilities

  • All bidders must have a current bidder badge visible at all times which must be presented immediately upon completion of purchasing a vehicle. Anyone bidding without a valid auction card will be subject to removal from the Auction and prosecution.
  • Buyers will watch lights and listen to announced conditions before placing bids. Once the vehicle is sold, Buyer is responsible for checking block ticket to confirm price and announced conditions are correct before legibly signing and printing their name. The Auction will not arbitrate defects visible from the block or announced conditions.
  • Buyers will follow auctioneer’s cadence on price carefully.
  • Buyers will inspect vehicles prior to and immediately following the sale. Buyers will verify the Seller’s representations and notify the Auction immediately of any discrepancies within the time frame as stated in the Arbitration Policy.
  • Buyers will verify odometer reading and operation before leaving the Auction.
  • The mileage and year printed on the registration sticker on the car window is only a guide and should not be relied upon. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the correct badging, the correct trim level, the actual year and odometer reading before bidding.
  • Buyer purchasing a vehicle Title Attached (TA) should not spend money on the vehicle or re-sell the vehicle until he/she has received the title from the auction. Sellers have 29 calendar days to produce title.
  • Buyer is responsible for signing block ticket on auction block and taking buyer’s copy into office to settle or list with cashier immediately.
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