1. Buyer will inspect the vehicle prior to AND immediately following the sale. The Buyer must verify the Seller’s representations and notify the Auction of any discrepancies within 3 hours of sale or IF offer. Buyer will verify odometer reading and operation BEFORE leaving the Auction.

2. Mileage and other information written on the window of sale vehicles or in Auction Catalogs is for the convenience of the Buyer and is not to be relied upon as accurate or complete. The Auction will NOT arbitrate vehicles based on incorrect information written on a vehicle or in the catalog.

3. The Buyer will follow Auctioneer’s cadence on price and announced conditions – any discrepancy concerning price or lights must be addressed BEFORE signing the bill of sale. The Auction will not arbitrate defects visible from the block or announced conditions printed on the block ticket after the signature is acquired.

4. Buyer will pay the bid price plus a Buyer’s fee and draft fees (if applicable). Payment must be made on day of sale. Floor Plan payments must be established on day of sale. Any buyer paying late will be assessed a fee of $100. Buyer guarantees sufficient funds are available and will remain on deposit at Buyer’s bank to cover all checks and drafts. Buyer agrees to pay a $100 fee in the event any check or draft is returned to the Auction for insufficient funds. TAA will not redeposit checks or drafts returned for insufficient funds. All NSF transactions must be recovered in the form of cash or money order.

5. Buyer should thoroughly check and test drive EVERY vehicle purchased, even those with pending IF offers. If there is any problem, a complaint must be properly filed with the Arbitration Office in writing. The Buyer assumes responsibility for mechanical failure once the arbitration period is over.

6. Buyer shall acquire no right or authority to sell or offer for sale any vehicle purchased until the Auction has been paid for said vehicles and the title is in fact delivered to the Buyer. Buyer shall inspect the title documents for verification of the seller’s representations. The Auction shall have the right to peaceably take possession of any vehicle for which the buyer has failed to pay.

7. It is strongly encouraged that an On–Line Buyer have a Post Sale Inspection (PSI) on green light vehicles purchased. Normal arbitration time periods do apply to On-Line purchases.