Frame Policy

  • Any frame claim must be brought to the attention of Auction Management within 5 (five) business days from the sale date of vehicle. (Sale day is Day 1).
  • This Auction follows the guidelines of the NAAA Structural Damage Policy. See Appendix.
  • Arbitration Rules for Structural Damage, Alteration, Certified Repairs or Certified Replacement.
    1. A vehicle may be arbitrated if it has undisclosed existing permanent damage alteration, Certified Repairs or Certified Replacement, which should have been disclosed under this policy, even though the vehicle is within the UVMS. If a structural issue is properly disclosed, the vehicle may only be arbitrated for improper repair of the designated area, existing permanent damage or repairs to other areas of the vehicle not disclosed, or for failure to be within the UVMS that was verified by visual inspection.
    2. Damaged or replaced radiator core supports or rear body panels do not require a structural disclosure under this policy.
    3. Damage to the aprons, rail floor pan assembly, inner wheelhouse (upper or lower), D pillar (if equipped) or other ancillary structural components on a unitized structure in the area where the radiator core support or rear body panel attaches will require a disclosure if permanent damage exists.
    4. Brazed exhaust hangers are not a required disclosure under this policy.
    5. Facilitating auction will, at its discretion, have a vehicle measured according to the UVMS at a facility of its choice. Prior to sending the vehicle for measurement, the auction reserves the right to complete a visual verification of the physical condition of the vehicle to determine that it should be measured. If the measuring facility determines that the vehicle is within the UVMS, the buyer of the vehicle will be responsible for the charges paid to the facility. Likewise, if the measuring facility determines that the vehicle is not within the UVMS, the seller will be responsible for the charges paid to the facility.
    6. Visual evidence supersedes any/all mechanical or electronic measurements.
    7. For measurements according to the UVMS, the following guidelines will apply:
      • The vehicle structure must measure to a total tolerance of no more than +/- 8 millimeters (mm)of published specification of length, width and height at control points that capture the front (2), center (4) and rear (2) sections of the vehicle.
      • Symmetrically (comparative measure from side to side and point to point based on point measurement), the length, width and height must measure to a difference of no more than 6mm. Upper body measurements (tram gauge) by themselves will not be adequate.
    8. Buyer must arbitrate any/all structural misrepresentations as outlined in this policy within published timelines (outlined in the main Arbitration Policy Guidelines) from the date of purchase (purchase day counts as Day One).
    9. The buyer must contact and follow the arbitration process of the auction where the vehicle was purchased including the auction’s direction for return of the vehicle and the time frame allowed for the vehicle to be returned.
    10. In the event of improperly disclosed structural damage by the seller, the buyer will be entitled to reimbursement in accordance with the main Arbitration Policy.
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