It is the sole responsibility of the seller to ensure that the proper light(s) and announcements are made when selling a vehicle at the Auction. The sale lights are a binding representation of vehicle condition. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to be aware of the lights and the announcements made on each vehicle PRIOR to bidding. Ignorance of the light system is not grounds for rejection.

GREEN LIGHT – "Mechanically Sound" Guaranteed by the seller NOT to have any single mechanical defect (pertaining to the engine, transmission or drive train) costing more than $500 to repair.

YELLOW LIGHT – "Caution –Announcements" This light is an indication to the Buyer that the Auctioneer or Selling Representative has made announcements that qualify the condition and limit arbitration of this vehicle.

RED LIGHT – "AS IS" Vehicles sold under the red light will only qualify for arbitration of frame/unibody, unannounced brands or odometer discrepancies where the unit is not sold ‘miles exempt’.

**Any unit selling for $2000 or less is automatically sold "As Is" and is NOT subject to arbitration.**

BLUE LIGHT – "Title Delay" This light is used to announce that the title is not present at the time of sale. The seller has a maximum of 30 days to provide the buyer with a negotiable title. Buyer is cautioned not to spend any money on vehicle, resell it or put excess miles on unit until the title is received.