Government Auctions

If you like getting a better value for less money, then attend one of BSC America’s government auctions. At a government auction you can bid on a wide selection of cars, buses, and other vehicles that were previously used by the government. Since the General Services Administration supplies the government with new vehicles every few years, you can buy barely-used government vehicles at a GSA auction for just a fraction of their original price. Government auctions are open to the general public so everyone can enjoy the deep discounts; contact us at (410) 879-7950 to find a GSA auto auction near you.

Benefits of Government Vehicle Auctions

In addition to the excitement of the fast-paced atmosphere, there are many benefits to purchasing a vehicle at a government car auction:

  • Great Price: Due to the nature of GSA auctions, vehicles are often sold at an incredibly discounted price.
  • No Registration Fee: A government auction does not usually require a registration fee. This means you are saving money before the GSA car auction even begins.
  • Newer models: Since government vehicles are phased out for newer models after just a few years, most government auction cars will be relatively new and have low mileage.
  • Vehicle History Reports: It’s smart to get to know a car before you buy it. Most vehicles at a government auto auction have a vehicle history report available so you can make sure you aren’t getting a lemon.

GSA Auctions: Come Prepared

When you locate an auction you wish to attend, you can oftentimes look at an online government auction run list so you can scope out the government auction cars before you even arrive. Additionally, many public government auctions will give attendees the opportunity to arrive at the auction site early or on a designated “inspection day” to pre-examine any vehicles of interest. Some websites even hold government car auctions online, which means you can buy a vehicle at an incredible price without even leaving your kitchen table or office desk.

Also, before the day of the auction make sure to familiarize yourself with the government car auction site’s terms, conditions and policies – all easily found on the respective government auctions website. Knowing these guidelines beforehand will ensure your time at the GSA government auction won’t be stressful or confusing.

BSC America Government Auctions

Locating a GSA auction near you is actually quite easy, since they are held at sites all over the nation. BSC America offers several popular car auction gov events in Maryland. If you have any questions about our upcoming government car auctions, please contact us at (410) 879-7950.

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