At a car dealership, the salesmen run the show, but at an auction, you run the show. Auctions give you the chance to realize major savings on your own terms. You decide how much you want to bid and when you want to stop. Say goodbye to the days of overpaying for a car, and bid hello to the days of deep discounts. At an auction, you are in control!

Auction Advancements

The past few decades have brought about exciting new changes to the auction world. Before, the only way to place an auction bid was to actually go to an auction. However, now you can buy from an online auto auction with just a click of your mouse from the convenience of your office or home. Car auctions on eBay played a large part in revolutionizing how auctions run, and now almost all auction companies offer auction websites. Whether you want a sparkling boat or a fast new car, you can now bid via online auction websites without ever leaving your house.

While auction websites offer complete convenience, they lack the exciting, adrenaline-pumping atmosphere and socializing time on which live auction sites thrive. For this reason, bargain-hunters continue to flock to auction houses all over the country, ready for an evening of entertainment, fun, and good deals!

An Assortment of Auctions

After you decide whether to bid online or in person, you have to choose what type of auction best suits you. Auctions offer so many categories of motor vehicles that the industry has created several different types of auctions to better serve you. The following descriptions will help you choose which type of auction to attend.

  • Government Auctions: The government replaces its employee’s cars every few years, selling the gently used vehicles on different auction sites. You can often get great deals on incredible cars at these auctions.
  • Repossessed Cars: Banks and other financial institutions try to quickly liquidate any car repos they have through a repo auction. At these auctions you can often find quality cars at deeply discounted prices.
  • Salvage Auctions: If you are happiest tinkering with cars, you may want to place an auction bid on a salvage car. A mechanic’s mind and some TLC can often make these cars much more valuable than the price you paid for them.
  • Wholesale Auctions: These auctions, which are not open to the general public, give dealers the chance to sell their surplus and make new additions to their fleet.

BSC America is a car auction company with auction sites in Maryland and Tallahassee, FL. As a trusted and professional company, we offer both live auction events and auction websites so you can always find the vehicle you’re looking for. Contact us today at (410) 879-7950 to register for our upcoming auctions.

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