Auto Auctions

Getting a good deal on a car is as easy as raising your bid paddle. Instead of buying from a dealership, explore a different route and look for your vehicle at an auto auction. Auto auctions have a large variety of both new and used vehicles of all sizes, makes, and models. Going to an automobile auction isn’t only a great way to save some money on a vehicle, but it’s also an exciting event filled with hip cars, exciting bidding wars, and a fast-paced, high-energy atmosphere!

Whether you are looking for a spacious SUV or a used Camaro, used auto auctions have it all. In fact, there are so many categories of vehicles for sale that several types of automobile auctions have emerged. See below for a beginner’s auction auto guide.

  • Repossessed Car Auctions: When a financial institution or company acquires repossessed cars, they are quickly sold at an auctions auto event.
  • Government Auctions: Every few years the government upgrades its employees’ cars. It often auctions off the gently used vehicles at state auto auctions for a great price.
  • Salvage Auctions: With everything from scratched cars to totaled cars, you never know what you will find! If you love tinkering with cars, a salvage motor auction will be a real treat.
  • Wholesale Auctions: These auto auctions are exclusive to car dealers, and they often come with the benefit of even better pricing.

BSC America specializes in motor auction events and offers all of the above auto auctions at our two locations. We have an autoauction site in Bel Air, Maryland, and another in Tallahassee, FL. We also offer several online auctions for your convenience. We love how automotive auctions give our customers a chance to find incredible cars at even better prices. Contact us today to register for one of our upcoming motor auctions!

If you want to seriously bid at an auto auction, keep in mind the following tips.

  1. Many auctions have run lists of all the vehicles that will be on the auction block. Make sure to read through the list a day or two before the auto auction so you can begin to research the cars that interest you.
  2. Don’t arrive at the motor auction minutes before it starts; get there early enough to inspect the cars you like and ask any questions you may have. If possible, read the vehicle’s history report.
  3. Lastly, make sure to set a bidding limit for yourself. Determine what the auction auto is worth to you before the auction begins and stick to your limits.

Following these tips will help make your trip a success. With a little luck and a few smart bids, you may drive home a new set of wheels! We hope to see you at an upcoming BSC America Auction; contact us to register today.

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