Dealer Auto Auction

Whether you want to add new vehicles or sell your surplus, the incredible dealer auctions at BSC America allow you to craft the perfect fleet of cars for your dealership. Our wholesale auctions are conveniently located in Bel Air, MD and Tallahassee, Florida and you can also take advantage of these great deals without leaving your home by bidding on several cars for sale online. A dealer auto auction is the perfect place for dealers to buy, sell, network and, of course, enjoy the show. Contact us for information on our upcoming dealer auctions.

Speed into Savings

Whether your lot specializes in a certain make or offers a little bit of everything, sometimes your fleet just seems to be missing something. A dealer auction offers a wide variety of both new and used cars that can fill in the gaps on your lot, making your fleet more complete and appealing to your clientele.

While licensed dealers are the only ones who can purchase vehicles at a wholesale auction, they are not the only ones who sell. Banks, rental car agencies, financial institutions, the government, and several other businesses often have vehicles for sale at a car dealer auction or used car auction. This means that you can find everything from used car repos to a brand-new Mercedes-Benz. Better yet, the vehicles at car dealer auctions often sell for less than they do at car auctions that are open to the general public, which translates to even more savings for you and your dealership.

Refine Your Fleet

In addition to buying at a used cars auction, many dealers often use the opportunity to rid their lots of any cars that are not selling. You know that the cars on your lot require costly maintenance and care. Wholesale car auctions are a convenient way to turn that slow-selling car on your lot into fast cash! If you have a surplus of a certain make or model, you can easily liquidate it at a wholesale car auction. Many dealers also auction the trade-in cars they receive from customers, especially if the trade-ins don’t match the style or quality of cars they normally sell.

BSC America knows that one dealer’s slow-seller is another dealer’s hot commodity; our fleet car auctions present the opportunity for everyone to win. Contact us to register for our next dealer auto auction. Whether you want to drive to our Tallahassee auction site or browse our website for used cars for sale online, we have a venue for you!

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