Seller Responsibilities

  • Seller will be held responsible for the accuracy of any representations (verbal or written) made by the Seller or Auctioneer at the time of sale.
  • Seller must complete a federal/state odometer disclosure statement.
  • Seller representative must announce the following when vehicle is offered at auction block before bidding starts-
    • Vehicles under 16,000 GVW with an inoperable odometer or odometer reading which does not represent actual mileage must be announced TMU (true mileage unknown)
    • Frame damage or structurally defective or altered frame – (See Frame Policy Section)
    • Reconstructed vehicle/Salvage History
    • Flood Unit
    • Police or Taxi Unit
    • Branded and irregular titles
    • Reassigned or Replaced VIN Plate (subject to Auction acceptance)
    • Canadian Unit (must be accompanied by certified paperwork – unless 5 years or older)
    • Active theft and theft history
  • Seller is responsible for proper representation of “year and model” of vehicle being sold. Auction is not responsible for omissions, incorrect year or model, improper equipment listings, failure to make announcements on auction block, or verbal commitments between buyer and seller.
  • The mileage and year printed on the registration sticker on the vehicle is only a guide, and should not be relied upon. It is the Seller’s obligation to correct any errors made by the Auction with respect to the vehicle and/or its announcements.
  • It is the discretion of the Seller to announce whether a Truck or SUV is four-wheel drive. All trucks and SUV’s are assumed to be two-wheel drive unless otherwise announced.
  • Seller must pick up Seller’s copy of block ticket from clerk on the auction stand and bring it in, along with the title, to office immediately after unit is sold. Dealer Express Units – titles are turned in to the office prior to sale, and Auction’s clerk will deliver seller’s copy of block ticket to office.
  • Sellers who do not have title present MUST announce TA – Title Delay while vehicle is on auction block before bidding starts. Improper TA announcements are subject to arbitration, TA fee and not announced fee.
  • Seller’s title must be in proper order with dealer reassignment properly filled in with dealer number, company name, address and proper signature. There must be a signed odometer statement included.
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