Meet Our Team

Accounting Department

Kristina Kennedy

Inside Operations Office Manager

Laura Thacker

Chief Financial Officer

Jay Uzl

Vice President Management Services

Customer Experience

Lisa Kaline

Director of Food Services

Jimmy Rufenacht

Customer Experience Manager

Fleet Department

Jeanine Cunningham

Fleet Lease Manager

Julie Grim

Commercial Accounts Assistant Manager

Mike Lynch

Commercial Accounts Manager

Cindy Mitchell

Vice President of Commercial Accounts

Lauren Stuart

GM Factory Manager

Floorplan Services

Nick Calvaresi

Assistant Vice President of Banking Services Corporation

Shannon Webb

Floor Plan Manager

Human Resources Department

Cathy Dunn

Human Resources Manager

Tina Greaver

Human Resource Recruiter

Brooke Wisniewski

Payroll Specialist

IT Department

Nick Pirovolidis

IT Manager

Operations Department

John Capecci

Director of Operations

Joe Gollhardt

Vehicle Registration Manager

Ken Hartman

Lot Operations Manager

Ray Phillips

Assistant Lot Operations Manager

Paul Weekes

Facilities Manager

Sales & Marketing Department

Jennifer Friedel

Dealer Registration Manager/OVE Manager

Christina Shepard

Dealer Sales & Marketing Manager

Scott Shinnick

Auction Sales Manager

Transportation Department

Chase Tribull

Transportation Manager

Carol Truelove

Transportation Supervisor

Vehicle Distribution / Marshaling / GSA

Lauren Stuart

Government Services Manager
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