Chesapeake Fleet Services, Inc., established in1984, is a licensed Maryland used car dealer. As a BSCAmerica affiliated company and member of the National Association of Fleet Resale Dealers, Chesapeake Fleet Services works closely with major fleet companies, banks, and financial institutions to acquire the used cars and trucks that are offered for sale.

The used vehicle market is a complex entity – one with as many trends and fluctuations as the stock market. For a fleet manager dedicated to controlling costs and realizing the maximum value for vehicles sold, this volatility makes the job even more time-consuming and difficult .

Chesapeake Fleet Services offers clients and immediate “Buy Now” approach, providing them with a one-call service option that turns vehicles into immediate cash through a seamless process of total resale management. Services include transportation, for rapid and responsive pickup, electronic condition reports that document all exterior and mechanical conditions, and prompt payment through electronic, third party services. Chesapeake Fleet Services accepts vehicles of all kinds: from lease-end and surplus inventory to collision-damaged, mechanically inoperable, and medium or heavy-duty trucks.

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