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The new cars or trucks that comprise the vehicle portfolios of corporate fleets and leasing companies today will become a source of used vehicles tomorrow when they are returned to the market. This is the cycle of vehicle remarketing.

In this way, we can think of the corporate fleet and leasing companies as a supply pipeline, channeling used vehicles into the previously-owned auto market.

Chesapeake Fleet Services, Inc., established since 1984, is a licensed Maryland used vehicle dealer. As a BSCAmerica affiliated company, Chesapeake Fleet Services works closely with major fleet companies, banks, and financial institutions to acquire such used vehicles and in turn offer these vehicles for resale.

Operated by Chesapeake Fleet Services, EmployeeCarPurchase.com was created as the Internet marketplace, enabling invited buyers to search, view, and purchase those vehicles previously owned by certain credit, fleet, or leasing company owners.

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