Review the following "tips" before you bid, and make your auction adventure a SUCCESS!

Please feel free to inspect all vehicles that will be offered for sale. Vehicles are located at 4805 Philadelphia Rd, Belcamp, MD 21017. Inspections are from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM the day before the sale, and start two hours prior to the sale time the day of sale. If you have any questions concerning the sale, please feel free to ask one of the staff members or stop by the registration counter in the main office.

You, the registered bidder, are responsible for bids tendered, irrespective of the designated purchaser of the vehicle, ie, do not buy a vehicle for a friend or relative (wife, husband, mother, aunt, uncle, etc.) unless you are prepared to assume responsibility in full for the purchase.

Understanding "As Is/Where Is": Any vehicle or vessel that is purchased at this auction is sold to you "As Is / Where Is." In other words, the Auction does not give you a GUARANTEE or imply a WARRANTY of any type, kind, or nature on any purchase, ie – what you buy – is what you get. This is a wholesale exchange between, you, the buyer, and the seller, this is not a retail used car showroom. Please make certain that you are comfortable buying in the "As Is/Where Is" arena – you will be held financially responsible for any bids tendered. Please make sure you know what you are bidding on – condition, mileage, desirability, etc! (If you are unable to drive a vehicle equipped with a "standard-shift" transmission, please ensure the vehicle of interest is satisfactorily equipped).

Right Car/Truck For You!: Make sure you know what you are bidding on. Make certain the car you bid on is the one you looked at earlier; double check the lot #. Don’t trust your recollection of the color or model – there may have been two or three cars of the same year/model and color. Think ahead…does the vehicle fit your lifestyle needs?, will it work well with your budget?, will you enjoy driving it?, etc…

Vehicle Condition: Look the vehicle over completely before you raise your hand to bid. Make sure you are familiar with the condition of both the interior and the exterior. Once the bid is "knocked down" to you, you are fully responsible for the unit.

Automatic/"Stick Shift" Transmission: Several of the cars/trucks sold are equipped with a "stick-shift" or manual transmission. If you are unable to drive a vehicle equipped as such, do not bid on a car/truck you can’t drive! The attached vehicle catalog indicates, most of the time, the vehicle’s transmission type.

Mileage: Make sure you visually look at the odometer to determine the correct mileage. Sometimes a vehicle may be “over 100,000 miles.” If so, the auction staff, when aware of this condition, makes every effort to mark such on the windshield.

Cash Deposit Required to Register: When a bid is “knocked down” to you and you are the successful bidder, make sure you are able to adhere to the terms of the sale, $1,000 deposit*, in cash today (Thursday) and the balance to be paid the following business day; Friday by 4:30 pm. You must leave your deposit with the Cashier immediately after the bid is accepted. Personal checks, money orders, or credit cards are not acceptable. Purchases of $10,000 or more require a 10% deposit; $500 or less – full payment due on Sale Day. Please do not bid if you are unable to meet the deposit or final balance required. Remember, once you have bid and your bid is successful, you are fully responsible for consummating the purchase.