Car Auctions

Going once, going twice, sold to you! Whether you are in the market for a dependable minivan or a flashy new hot rod, a car auction gives you the chance to get more for your dollar. Similar to any other kind of thrift shopping, you may need to attend a few car auctions before you find a gem, but you’ll eventually find the car you’ve been looking for.

Whether you find your new set of wheels on your first or your third auction, the exciting atmosphere, huge selection of auction cars, and deeply-discounted prices will keep you coming back for more. To find used car auctions near Bel Air MD or Tallahassee FL, contact BSC America at (410) 879-7950. For your convenience, we also offer online car auctions where you can get a great deal on an auction car without ever leaving your home.

An Assortment of Car Auctions

Before you attend a car auction, do a little research. There are several types of auto car auctions, and you will be more apt to find the perfect vehicle if you attend the right event.

  • Government Auctions: Want to place a car bid on Uncle Sam’s gently-used vehicles? Several car auction sites have fleets of government vehicles for sale.
  • Repossessed Car Auctions: Banks, companies, and other financial institutions sell their car repos cheaply to get cash. You can often find incredible car bidding deals at these auctions.
  • Salvage Auctions: Perfect for those who like fixer-uppers! At a salvage auction, the cars for auction normally need some kinds of repairs.
  • Wholesale Auctions: This car auto auction provides dealers with a way to quickly add new cars or remove slow-selling cars to their fleets. They can do this at car auction houses or via the Internet at a car online auctions site.

Red Light, Green Light

If you’ve never attended a live car auction site, you should get acquainted with the green light, yellow light, red light system. This light system lets buyers know how much information the seller has disclosed about the auction car, but it does not reference the car’s actual condition. Many people confuse a green light with “no problems,” but that is not the case.

A red light means that you will buy the auction car as is—with no arguments or arbitration. The yellow light is the trickiest; it means that the seller may have disclosed some information about the auction car, such as mechanical defects or a salvaged title, but you may not have every detail. When you place a car bid on a green-light car, you can be confident that the car has been inspected and that major repairs have been reported by the seller. Basically, you know what you are getting when you buy a green-light car, but any other color of light means that the car has an element of mystery to it. This light system helps translate what has been disclosed about a car’s history.

Your new set of wheels is waiting for you at a BSC car auction! For more information on car auction dates and times, contact us at (410) 879-7950. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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