Vehicle Auctions

You don’t need to break the bank for that new set of wheels.

If you are tired of haggling with salespeople at used car lots, try the adventure and excitement, found at BSC America’s vehicle auctions. Car auctions can add an unknown element to your car shopping experience. You may end up with the deal of a lifetime on the make and model of a car that you’ve had your eye on for the last several months. However, before you head off to your next live auction in Bel Air MD or Edgewood MD, you need to understand the different types of auctions that BSC America offers.


Before you attend a car auction, do a little research. There are several types of auto car auctions, and you will be more apt to find the perfect vehicle if you attend the right event.

  • Salvage Auctions: This type of auction is best for the person who is a mechanic or is comfortable making repairs on a car.
  • Wholesale Auctions: A wholesale vehicle auction is for car dealers only. This auction allows car dealers to get rid of the odd car that won’t sell, as well as pick up some extra inventory fairly quickly. These auctions can be held either at live auctions or through online auctions. Dealers can check out the BSC America auction in Tallahassee FL.
  • Government Auctions: If you’re looking for a gently used vehicle, government vehicle auctions are the place to look. The government replaces its employees’ cars every few years and auctions off the older models.
  • Repossessed Car Auctions: After cars have been repossessed, they often end up at online auctions or live auctions. These auctions provide a great opportunity to find great cars at even better prices.

Live Auctions

If you’ve been to an estate public auction, then you know what to expect at a vehicle auction. You’ll find the same exhilarating environment, including the chance that you’ll get the bargain of the day at a deeply discounted price. Be sure to do your research ahead of time by going online and looking at our run list of cars that will be on the auction block. Come early for a chance to examine the cars you’re interested in and plan your strategy; you never know—you may be driving home your new car.

Online Auctions

While many people prefer the thrill of the chase at live auctions, BSC America also offers a convenient option for those who just can’t be there: online auctions. Thanks to modern technology, you can bid on an online auction from the comfort of your home—even if you’re hundreds of miles away. All you need is a computer, some time, and an adventurous spirit to go for the winning bid.

Whether you grew up going to live auctions or this is your first appearance, BSC America looks forward to having you. Contact us at (410) 879-7950 to get more information on our upcoming auctions and we can tell you about our online auctions, too. With a little luck and some smart bidding, you could become the proud owner of the car of your dreams.

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