Public Auction

If you want the chance to buy an incredible vehicle for less, many auction sites regularly hold a public auction. While some auctions are for car dealers only (such as a dealer auto auction), a public auto auction is open to the general public, giving everyone the opportunity to purchase a used vehicle auction-style. Instead of purchasing a brand-new car, go to an auction and you might end up driving home a great public auto sales vehicle – at a fraction of its original price.

While attending a public car auction can be an excellent way to get a great deal, you must first know the auction site’s rules and bidding etiquette to be successful in your quest. The following tips will help you prepare for any car auctions you attend.

Public Auto Auction Bidding Tips

Before you attend a car auction, do a little research. There are several types of auto car auctions, and you will be more apt to find the perfect vehicle if you attend the right event.

  • Arrive Early: Most public auto sales events have an early arrival time where you can preview and inspect the vehicles before the auction begins. Arriving early will also give you plenty of time to register and get a good seat.
  • Know the Rules: You won’t be able to win anything if you don’t bid properly; familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of the auction site. Keep in mind that the terms and conditions often differ at each city public auto auction. Ask if you will be required to pay a buyer’s premium, what forms of payment are accepted, and if there is a return policy.
  • Know Your Limit: Set your bidding limit before the auction begins and stick to it. Some people get caught in a bidding war at public vehicle auctions, only to end up overspending. Having the highest bid at any local car auction serves as a legally binding contract and obligates the buyer to follow through with the purchase, so be sure you can complete the transaction.
  • Educate yourself: Before going to any local car auctions, make sure to learn the retail value of any vehicles of interest. It helps to bring along a few pricing guides so you can research specific vehicles. Some auto public auctions actually have these catalogs available for your convenience.

Whether this is your first or your tenth public vehicle auction, following the above protocol will put you in the best position to find and win the car you’ve been looking for. If you like budget-savvy discounts, then take advantage of the motor car auctions near you. Contact BSC America today at (410) 879-7950 to find out more about our public auctions in Bel Air, MD.

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